Monday, August 17, 2009

Parlez-vous francais?

I was pretty down most of the day. I think all the stress of travel, school, work and cramped living is getting to me. Plus, my french class today was painful. I was too exhausted when I got home today to do anything (i.e. study french). I have to do it tomorrow. I just hope I can find time in my ridiculous schedule to take advantage of the language lab and tutors. At least tomorrow classes should all be stuff I can handle. Maybe that's my real problem with French. I think it's the only subject I've ever truly struggled with. To make matters worse I have terrible study habits. Guess I'll just have to try and make a change. I thought about dropping the class but there is nothing I can replace it with and I'll just have to take it over. Let's just pray that I'll wake up tomorrow and miraculously be fluent in french! Well, I need to get some kind of sleep.

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