Saturday, August 22, 2009

Last night was awesome

Omg, I never blogged yesterday! I feel really guilty about it. I think I am going to blame Frances. She did tell me I couldn't blog when we got back from the concert. Truthfully, I didn't put up much of a fight.

You might be wondering who we saw in concert. Bobby Long! We got to the bar where he was playing geekishly early but it worked out because we were right in front of the stage. Then it seemed to take forever for anyone to start singing. The whole time we waited the DJ was playing some mostly horrible music. Finally, the band came out. They were a local group and they were pretty awesome themselves. They even had a cello player in the band which gave me have mad respect for the band. My only problem when they were playing was the audience, especially the group of women celebrating one woman's bacherlorette party. Of course, they end up right next to me. The worse member of the party was a woman in her fifties. She kept yelling at the lead singer like he belonged to her. At one point, she actually expected him to hold on starting a song so she could take a picture of him. She kept bumping against me and throwing her bleached mullet all over me. Thankfully, as soon as the first band was done, the bacherlorette party left.

Then came Bobby. He didn't disappoint on any level. He looked yummy. His accent made me melt. His music moved my soul.

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