Tuesday, May 17, 2011

12 Steps to a Better Life

Now to explain the relevance of my previous rambling post about travel and Britain. I have decided to move to England in August 2012. I know it is completely insane and that I am most likely setting myself to fail horribly in a foreign country far away from the people who love me but I have to try. I am terrified of my decision but I am also scared of graduating. In this time of economic crisis, my future is just as uncertain here at home as it would be in England. I am majoring in creative writing. My dream, my passion is to be a novelist. I have chosen a career path that completely depends on strangers' believing in me. If I am going to fail, then I would rather do it in England so at least one of my dreams would have come true. And if I succeed, how much sweeter would that success be in a place I hold so dear. I realize that I am romanticizing a country I know little about and that I will most likely be greatly disillusioned when I get there but I must discover these things for myself. If I never go to England, it will always be this magical fairyland in my head so isn't better that I learn the truth? I must go.

To make this happen I have developed a multi-step plan.

Step 1 - Figure out where the feck I am going to live in England (pretty important). I know I do not want to live in London because the cost of living is too expensive and also because I am simply not a big city girl. I hope to find employment at an advertising firm or a publishing house. Therefore, the first step involves researching regions that offer an affordable safe place to live and that contain an advertising firm or publishing house.

Step 2 - Price flats in the region I am going to live, price airplane tickets, and figure out how much this adventure is going to cost me.

Step 3 - Sell a kidney and do whatever else it takes to afford to move to England.

Step 4 - Make sure my passport hasn't expired and figure out how to get a work visa.

Step 5 - Write, write, and write some more. Try to get as much of my work published in the next 15 months as possible.

Step 6 - Exercise, diet, and otherwise do what I can to lose weight (perhaps it's not essential to my survival in England but I want to look as hot as possible).

Step 7 - Get an internship for Spring 2012.

Step 8 - Try to develop contacts at the businesses where I want to work in England.

Step 9 - Apply to jobs in England and try to arrange to have a place to live waiting on me.

Step 10 - Figure out if it would be more stressful for my anxiety filled dog to be left behind (with a loving person to care for her) or to fly with me to England.

Step 11 - Decide what I'm taking with me, what I'm having shipped to me later, what I can sell, and what to do with everything else that I own.

Step 12 - Kiss my mama goodbye and fly away.

My 12 Step plan is still a work in progress. I will most likely add more steps as this journey progresses and the order of my steps will get switch around. Still this is what I will be working towards for the next 15 months and I will definitely keep posting as I move forward.

My plan, humor, and romanticized prose is hiding the fact that I am oh so scared of the path I have chosen so please feel free to comment with advice, encouragement, even criticism (I am hard headed and nothing makes me more determined to do something than being told that I can't do it). Also, should a British reader stumble across my little blog, I accept any and all mockery of my ignorant American beliefs but I do ask that with your mockery you will include tips on places to live and work and any other knowledge I will need to make it in England. Thank you.


  1. The younger one stands with her eyes open wide.
    And says, "I'll go as far as the corners of the sky.
    I'll gather all the stars each night as they appear,
    And pick the very brightest one to wear in my ear."
    But, what will you do when the nights get cold?
    When the stars grow dim and your dreams seem old.
    Watcha gonna do when winter calls,
    And your flowers fall from the garden walls?

    I'll come home to you, you'll come home to me.
    My love will be your remedy.
    I'll choose you and you'll choose me.
    We'll be two daughters dancing by the edge of the sea.

    So excited for you. . . and no Addie does not count as a loving/caring person.

  2. Oh Jen, this made me cry!

    So that's one vote for me taking Juju with me.

  3. YOU CAN'T DO IT!!! Since you said that would make you want to do it more lol! At least you have a plan it might not be the best in the long run but it's a start and you have 2 votes for taking Juju cause at least you will have one loyal and loving buddy in a foreign country.

    p.s. why do you always choose fonts that are difficult to read and cuddos on inventing a new word that i will use from now in feck instead of heck.

  4. Sarah - Follow your dream. Be brave & make it your life. One day your Mom & I will come to visit you in England (now you've given me a dream to pursue, too). Hope you know how much you're loved.

    Juju is such a sweetie (maybe Douille will have settled down some by then...I keep saying he needs a friend.)