Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The countdown begins (Part II)

Last week, I shared Part I of this post about my calling to serve in England. Part II is all about the progress I've made so far.

After much research, I discovered an opportunity to serve in an Acts 29 Europe church. Acts 29 is a network of church planting churches, which originated in America and branched out to Europe. A29E has a two year program that allows people to be mentored by church leadership and receive formal theological training, while they serve a church in the network. After many emails, an application, a Skype interview, and lots of prayer, I am thrilled to say that I will be serving a A29E church in England come September 2015!

Many of the details (like exact location & cost) will not be clear until late January / early February. I do know that I will begin serving in the children's ministry and likely branch out to other ministries as my gifts are needed. I have requested to serve in Stockport, Manchester, or London and we will see where God sends me.

A29E is providing me with an awesome opportunity and I am excited to work with them. Still, the network has some limitations because it is not a sending agency so I have applied to Crossworld's apprenticeship program. Crossworld is a missions organization with the goal of making disciple-makers and is willing to partner with A29E. CW would provide me with in depth assessment, pre-field training, and managed my financial support, while A29E would oversee my work in the field and mentor me in transitioning to British culture. The apprenticeship lines up with the A29E program and it would allow me to smoothly transition to a career missionary, once I return from England.          

CW offers two weeks of assessment and training in November and June. During that time, CW counselors will break down my weaknesses and then develop a plan for me to grow in these areas. It will be intense. I want to attend the November training to give myself more time to work through any issues that come up in assessment. I am waiting to find out if I am eligible for the November training.

I ask that you partner with me through prayer. Please, pray over this process with the agencies and my spiritual growth through it. My inadequacies often discourage me, when I need to remember that God is all-sufficient and this is His show. Pray that God answers my need for financial support through generous people who desire that England knows His glory.

Thank you for reading and for the prayers. I will post updates as my journey progresses so be sure to follow and check back often.

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