Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Goals and Dreams and Resolutions

I don't really make New Year's resolutions.  There's no big reason why but I don't put much stock in them.  That being said, my sister gave me a journal jar for Christmas.  Once a week, I am suppose to pull a writing prompt out and get to journaling.  Since this is the first week of 2013, I pulled my first random topic out the jar last night.  As fate would have it, the prompt asked "What are your goals and dreams?"  Naturally, my answer to this question includes goals and dreams for this year as well as the years to come. If you would like to call them resolutions, that's fine but to me they're simply the answer to a question.

- Goal : My life will become more of Jesus and less of me
- Goal : Become skilled in love, mercy, grace, humility, service, thanksgiving, joy, and generosity of time, energy, gifts, and money
- Goal : Spend more time with the lover of my soul through prayer and his word
- Goal : Finally learn what it means to be still in the presence of God
- Goal : Share my experience with God to nonbelievers
- Goal : Make it England this year, even if it's only a vacation
- Dream : Write my days away in a cottage in a quaint English village
- Dream : Become a world traveler and uncover all of this planet's secrets
- Goal : Write everyday, even if it's just one sentence or a list of sentence fragments
- Goal : Finish Grief and Mourning's story
- Dream : Write several bestselling novels, win a Pulitzer
- Goal : Make a long term career move by May  
- Goal : Get healthy. I hate having a "waistline dream" because I am strongly opposed to society's obsession with skinny equaling beautiful.  This is not about becoming sexy and confident in my body.  After many years of struggling, I have accepted that I am sexy in my plus size body.  Instead, this is about diabetes, heart disease, and colon cancer running in my family.  Honestly, I am just done slowly killing myself with food.
- Dream : Find healthy, passionate, self-sacrificing, unconditional, godly love. Get married and have babies.


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