Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ode to Addie Mae

This creative writing exercise was a challenge but it was also a lot of fun. This time I will give you the directions I had to follow first. Otherwise, you will think I was on something when I wrote it.

The 3 A.M. Epiphany #25 Names: Take the full name (including middle name) of someone you love. Write down as many words from this name as you can. You can repeat letters from the name as many times as you wish. Treat the letters of this name as the only letters in a new alphabet. You cannot use any words containing letters that do not exist in this name. Because this is so difficult, you'll probably be able to come up with only about 200 words for this exercise. When you have built a sufficient list of words, write a fragment of fiction that has to do with a fictionalized situation this person, or someone like this person, would be involved in.

One last suggestion, try reading it out loud.

Ode to Addie Mae

Adwyn Lorelei Brown born on a rainy day. A woolen eyebrow. An airy eyelid. A ready eye. A doll baby weaned on yellow red dawn. A ballerina wobbled on rollerblade.

We adored Addie. Addie wailed and we ran. We were barren low alone. We were wayward. Addie rallied we on wine and ale. We banded daily. Addie nabbed away old air and worn yarn. We were renewed.

None denied Addie. No barn door barred. No boar brayed. No line drawn. No one banned Addie. We were rabble. Addie owned all land. Addie owned all we. Addie owned all lady and baron.

A liar named Addie a drain on noon. A deadly adder yawned lamely. We roared. A rabid bee brawled airborne. A roller derby winner bore down on banner.

In a diner, Addie dialed a bad man. Bad man banned from land. Bad man rode alone. Bad man dined on adder. We learned bad man was no really bad.

Liar died. Deadly adder rode away.

Bad man wedded Addie. Addie was a belle bride. Addie drew we near. We were wowed by Addie. Addie yelled “yey!” We were rewarded by Addie. We dined on a dill meal.

Now y’all bray. Now y’all dare. Y’all are a beady eyed eel. Y’all are all yellowed ill. Addie warn we on y’all. Now we wary. We are redwood arrow ready. Y’all roll web. Bad man bare blade. We are ire.

We will win. Y’all will be bald bear. Y’all will wallow. Y’all will bow down. Addie will allow y’all a deal. Bad man will allow no denial. Addie will bill y’all. Y’all will dine on bean and labor on we land. Y’all will dwell in a barn.

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